Nujoud Almuomen

Research Approaches to Information Seeking and Information Literacy

Date: Sept 19, 2014

Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Abstract: This talk aims to present the highlights of my research and work in progress. The main purpose of this presentation is to inform faculty members and doctoral students of my research interests, which include information literacy and information-seeking behavior. Specifically, I am interested in how information-seeking behavior and information literacy are related. Information literacy continues to be a major focus of my work, and I have already worked on two research papers on this topic, both of which will be addressed in this presentation. The first project was a case study of an information literacy program designed for use at the College of Architecture, Kuwait University. The aim of the program was to use games to teach research skills to undergraduate students. Highlights from this project will be discussed during this talk in addition to the second project which describes an information literacy manual designed for use at the College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University. The aim of the manual was to enhance the information literacy of undergraduate students and is primarily concerned with using scholarly databases to search for information. This presentation will also allow me to share with academics my interests in investigating various methods for enhancing information literacy. This talk is an opportunity to share with academics other research projects that I particularly enjoyed working on. I will highlight the outcomes of a study that investigated gender issues among Library and Information Science (LIS) alumni in Kuwait. This paper complements my paper, ‘Library and information science alumni of Kuwait University: Tracking positions and functions’, which will also be highlighted in this presentation.

Bio: Nujoud Almuomen is an assistant professor in the department of Library and Information Science, College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University. Her research in social informatics empathizes information-seeking behavior and information literacy in academia. Nujoud earned her Ph.D in Information Science from Loughborough University, United Kingdom in 2009. Nujoud got her Masters in Library and Information Science at Kuwait University and her Bachelor of Arts in English language and Literature at the College of Arts, Kuwait University. Her publications appeared in the Journal of Documentation, IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions), in addition to the Journal of Social Sciences published by Academic Publication Council at Kuwait University.