Chaomei Chen

Mechanisms of Structural Change in Complex Adaptive Systems of Knowledge

Date: Nov 7, 2014

Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Abstract: In this talk, I will address the following questions concerning mechanisms of structural change in a complex adaptive system such as the body of scientific knowledge or other adaptive systems of knowledge. How did radical and high-impact discoveries and inventions emerge? Are there mechanisms that can be characterized by computational and explanatory models? What may be early signs of critical transitions in a complex adaptive system? Boundary-spanning mechanisms in detecting unprecedented bridges and novel long-range links in a complex adaptive system. I will introduce the Structural Variation Theory and demonstrate its potential applications through several illustrative examples, including novelty detection, prediction of systemic change, retraction, and gap analytics.

Bio: Dr. Chaomei Chen is a Professor of Informatics in the College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel University. He is a ChangJiang Scholar (visiting professor) at Dalian University of Technology, Dalian China. He is the founding editor and the Editor-in-Chief of Information Visualization. Dr. Chen is the author of the Fitness of Information (Wiley, 2014), Mapping Scientific Frontiers (Springer, 2002, 2013), Turning Points (Springer, 2011), and Information Visualization (Springer, 1999, 2004). He is the creator of the widely used CiteSpace system for visualizing and analyzing trends and patterns in scientific literature.